lundi 6 décembre 2010

Bankai, a Creative Common artist.


   Bankai est un projet de musique électro (entre autres) qui se définit lui-même comme étant du style "nerdcore" (écoutez la chanson "Strut", y'a un sample de l'amiral Ackbar qui gueule "It's a trap !"). Toutes les chansons de Bankai sont sous licence Creative Commons et peuvent être téléchargées, remixées et diffusées LEGALEMENT et GRATUITEMENT depuis le site

 Leurs chansons sont compilées en 2 EPs et une compilation de remixes :
  Je vous recommande particulièrement "The Epic part III", "Faun" et "Strut".
  Bankai est l'artiste électro le plus cool et le plus innovant que j'ai écouté depuis la fin de la French Touch. Ecoutez, profitez, attention c'est addictif.


   Bankai is an Australian electronic music project, in the nerdcore style (listen to there's a sample of Admiral Ackbar's voice yelling "It's a trap !" ). All Bankai songs are licenced under Creative Commons and can be LEGALLY downloaded for FREE on the website The licence allows to remix all Bankai songs at your free will.

  The songs are published in 2 EPs and a remixes compilation :

   I recommend you to listen to "The Epic part III", "Faun" and "Strut".

   Bankai is the fresher and coolest electro artist I've listened since the end of the French Touch period. Listen, enjoy, but beware it's addictive.

Official website

samedi 23 octobre 2010

The 61 : discover new artists and listen to their music for free


The 61 is a a cool, free and legal website designed in HTML5 (no Flash, so it's Linux-user-friendly ;) ). Its purpose is to allow listeners to discover new artists, and vote for them if they enjoy their songs.

The global design of the site is gorgeous : the very simple playing control are integrated in a big background image chosen by the artist. Many information can be displayed during the playing, like tour dates, lyrics, official website or myspace link, or even news about the band member's lives.

There are many different ways to discover new songs : top list, smart searching which takes into account your musical tastes, or just random !

Join the site to discover new artists, like Bankai, The Rescues, Tomac...

mercredi 20 octobre 2010

Operation Payback - 0day flaw in Linux Kernel

The Pirate Bay and the well-known group Anonymous (see this, this and this) have launched an initiative to protest against ACTA, French's Hadopi and several Major Companies' behaviour regards to illegal downloading. reports that a hacker leaked a 0day flaw of the Linux Kernel in order to allow Anonymous to rape several pro-Acta websites. The Portuguese ACAPOR website was redirecting to The Pirate Bay Yesterday, while and were DDOS'd.

Linus Torvalds and the Linux Foundation have been awared of the situation and are working on a patch.

Official Operation Payback Website :

mercredi 8 septembre 2010

8th of September 2010 : gray Google Doodle and keystroke10-hp.png

Today, Google's logo is gray. But if you try to type something like "Google" for example, it will turn colored. The name of the picture file used is keystroke10-hp.png. Yesterday, it was a bubble-animated logo.

Both Today and Yesterday's logos are HTML5 and Javascript based only. Google is probably planning to announce a great innovation in its search engine today. And I think it will be the Result Streaming.

Result Streaming allows you to see the results of your search before you are done typing it !
You can test it on a third-party website called .

More info to come today, as Google has planned a big announcement!
Read more about this on : [French]

09/09/10 UPDATE : Google anounced Google Instant, with result streaming. I was right ;) 

mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Rick Astley : new single "Lights Out"

Rick Astley was made famous by the Rick Roll meme.

Time has past.

Nostalgia comes when the present does not measure up the promises of the past.
Neil Bissondath

Nostalgia time... Awesome old PC games.

I enjoy retro-gaming. Here are some of the game I suggest you to try(all of these are available on second hand for a few bucks) :

- The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind (2002) : Best PC game ever. Huge map. Astonishing story. Deeper background I ever found in a videogame.

- Halo : Combat Evolved (2002) : Very good FPS. The Flood appearance in the middle of the game changes it from SF style to horror/survival with zombies and all.

- Omikron : The Nomad Soul (1999) : Way before GTA, an open city with a huge freedom of action. Your soul can impregante several bodies and so you can change your identity to progress through the game. And it's a French game ! ;)

Legacy of Kayn : Soul Reaver (1999) Action/Plateform. Raziel is a tortured soul, a betrayed vampire. His revenge will be terrible. This game is noteworthy due to its mature reflexion during cutscenes, along with the gothic-based universe that we go through. 

Creative commons explained to children

Published on my youtube account

vendredi 27 août 2010

French and Frogs : myth or reality?

"Froggies" is the name that many british (and then the rest of the world) gave us. This is because of a traditional recipe : frog legs sprinkled with chopped parsley.
Eat me, I am deliciou- ALL GLORY TO MYSELF !
In fact, we don't kill little frogs. They are imported from southeast Asia, and we buy it deep-frozen.
Only a few people eat it in France, as most people find it disgusting (often people who did'nt try). 
We put it in some wheat flour, make it do a barrel roll, add a little bit of barsley and lots of butter. First cooking in a frying pan, then in an oven.

And trust me, it doesn't taste like pond or sludge. It's tasty, crunchy, and probably the meltiest meat in the world.
Don't judge us if you never tried before !

Recipe and more on :

Gorillaz. Awesome !

A french Internet law : Hadopi

Ever heard of it? Hadopi is a brilliant law made by french National Assembly to protect Majors and Artists against the evil of the internet.

Oh noes !
The thing is, if you're caught infringing the copyright of some of the major's content, you'll be sued, and your internet connection will be shut off...

Particularities of the law :
-The major companies are the one who are spying the internet ! Not the police... Consequences will never be the same.
-P2P only. No surveillance of sharing sites like Megaupload or Rapidshare.
-You can be caught while sharing, but not while downloading ! Leechers, leechers everywhere.
-Sue first, ask questions after. You have to prove your innocence !!
-Many members of the French National Assembly voted the law without a perfect understanding of it, as they are too old and too much allergic to the new technologies to try to understand it.

This is one of many problems of our country, but I'll try to show more of its qualities in my next post.

More on this subject on :

Opening a blog about some stuff.

I'll try to keep it up, to give you my reflexions. First real article in a few minutes...