samedi 23 octobre 2010

The 61 : discover new artists and listen to their music for free


The 61 is a a cool, free and legal website designed in HTML5 (no Flash, so it's Linux-user-friendly ;) ). Its purpose is to allow listeners to discover new artists, and vote for them if they enjoy their songs.

The global design of the site is gorgeous : the very simple playing control are integrated in a big background image chosen by the artist. Many information can be displayed during the playing, like tour dates, lyrics, official website or myspace link, or even news about the band member's lives.

There are many different ways to discover new songs : top list, smart searching which takes into account your musical tastes, or just random !

Join the site to discover new artists, like Bankai, The Rescues, Tomac...

mercredi 20 octobre 2010

Operation Payback - 0day flaw in Linux Kernel

The Pirate Bay and the well-known group Anonymous (see this, this and this) have launched an initiative to protest against ACTA, French's Hadopi and several Major Companies' behaviour regards to illegal downloading. reports that a hacker leaked a 0day flaw of the Linux Kernel in order to allow Anonymous to rape several pro-Acta websites. The Portuguese ACAPOR website was redirecting to The Pirate Bay Yesterday, while and were DDOS'd.

Linus Torvalds and the Linux Foundation have been awared of the situation and are working on a patch.

Official Operation Payback Website :