mercredi 8 septembre 2010

8th of September 2010 : gray Google Doodle and keystroke10-hp.png

Today, Google's logo is gray. But if you try to type something like "Google" for example, it will turn colored. The name of the picture file used is keystroke10-hp.png. Yesterday, it was a bubble-animated logo.

Both Today and Yesterday's logos are HTML5 and Javascript based only. Google is probably planning to announce a great innovation in its search engine today. And I think it will be the Result Streaming.

Result Streaming allows you to see the results of your search before you are done typing it !
You can test it on a third-party website called .

More info to come today, as Google has planned a big announcement!
Read more about this on : [French]

09/09/10 UPDATE : Google anounced Google Instant, with result streaming. I was right ;) 

mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Rick Astley : new single "Lights Out"

Rick Astley was made famous by the Rick Roll meme.

Time has past.

Nostalgia comes when the present does not measure up the promises of the past.
Neil Bissondath

Nostalgia time... Awesome old PC games.

I enjoy retro-gaming. Here are some of the game I suggest you to try(all of these are available on second hand for a few bucks) :

- The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind (2002) : Best PC game ever. Huge map. Astonishing story. Deeper background I ever found in a videogame.

- Halo : Combat Evolved (2002) : Very good FPS. The Flood appearance in the middle of the game changes it from SF style to horror/survival with zombies and all.

- Omikron : The Nomad Soul (1999) : Way before GTA, an open city with a huge freedom of action. Your soul can impregante several bodies and so you can change your identity to progress through the game. And it's a French game ! ;)

Legacy of Kayn : Soul Reaver (1999) Action/Plateform. Raziel is a tortured soul, a betrayed vampire. His revenge will be terrible. This game is noteworthy due to its mature reflexion during cutscenes, along with the gothic-based universe that we go through. 

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