vendredi 27 août 2010

French and Frogs : myth or reality?

"Froggies" is the name that many british (and then the rest of the world) gave us. This is because of a traditional recipe : frog legs sprinkled with chopped parsley.
Eat me, I am deliciou- ALL GLORY TO MYSELF !
In fact, we don't kill little frogs. They are imported from southeast Asia, and we buy it deep-frozen.
Only a few people eat it in France, as most people find it disgusting (often people who did'nt try). 
We put it in some wheat flour, make it do a barrel roll, add a little bit of barsley and lots of butter. First cooking in a frying pan, then in an oven.

And trust me, it doesn't taste like pond or sludge. It's tasty, crunchy, and probably the meltiest meat in the world.
Don't judge us if you never tried before !

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