vendredi 27 août 2010

A french Internet law : Hadopi

Ever heard of it? Hadopi is a brilliant law made by french National Assembly to protect Majors and Artists against the evil of the internet.

Oh noes !
The thing is, if you're caught infringing the copyright of some of the major's content, you'll be sued, and your internet connection will be shut off...

Particularities of the law :
-The major companies are the one who are spying the internet ! Not the police... Consequences will never be the same.
-P2P only. No surveillance of sharing sites like Megaupload or Rapidshare.
-You can be caught while sharing, but not while downloading ! Leechers, leechers everywhere.
-Sue first, ask questions after. You have to prove your innocence !!
-Many members of the French National Assembly voted the law without a perfect understanding of it, as they are too old and too much allergic to the new technologies to try to understand it.

This is one of many problems of our country, but I'll try to show more of its qualities in my next post.

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